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I'd probably give him higher passing, DS and Overlapping Run. He's probably a bit more agile than this. I'd also raise his Aggression to have ...

Kyle Walker PES 2018 Stats - PES Master

Kyle walker is 89 rated and Mendy is 87 rated, they are good fullbacks, also ... No 100% scout for him in the game PES database had an error.

Kyle Walker PES 2019 Stats - PES Master

Club: Manchester City FC Name: Kyle Walker Shirt Name: WALKER Number: 2. Positions: CB, SB☆, WB Nationality: English Age: 29 ...

Kyle Walker - PES Stats 2017 - PSD

Kyle Walker PES 2018 Stats - Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 stats for Man Blue (Manchester City) and England Right Back K. Walker (82 rating).

Kyle Walker - PES Stats Database

Kyle Walker - PES Stats 2017. Name: Kyle Walker Shirt Name: WALKER Shirt Number 2. Nationality: English Player Styles: Offensive Full-Back

Kyle Walker - PES Stats - PSD

PES Stats for Kyle Walker in the 2013 Pro Evolution Soccer format.